About us

In an increasingly digitized world, they are nevertheless irreplaceable: products for marking

EXPERT offers you problem solvers for the most diverse applications! Whether permanent or temporary markings, we have a suitable product - from the classic carpenter's pencil to permanent markers, and special markers for a wide variety of surfaces and conditions

With our red dot® award-winning EXPERT DRY Marker , you will find an absolute all-rounder. Rough base, smooth surfaces, dusty fields of application – all no problem with the right pencil lead. No matter if you want to inscribe, write or mark through holes. Our all-rounder is the solution. And if the pencil lead needs to be sharpened, the sharpener integrated in the quiver helps you - one-handed, direct, immediately usable. 

We see ourselves as an attractive and fair partner for those in the trade. A very good price-to-performance ratio combined with a high service level guides our solution-oriented actions. Satisfied business partners along the entire supply chain and satisfied employees, this is our mission - our success. 

You would like to have individual products with your company name and logo? With pleasure! Whether small quantities or an entire range of products, EXPERT has a solution. Talk to us.