Individual products with your company name or logo

EXPERT offers you the possibility to customize marked products with your logo or company name. From a simple carpenter’s pencil, the "All in One" marking pencils right through to the "expert dry" clutch pencil - we individualize for you using the digital printing process.

Digital printing:

This is a very efficient printing process. The desired individualization is transferred directly from a digital file to being printed out. Preparation of the data can be realized promptly. We keep the standard assortment in stock. You benefit from the time savings by means of a good price-performance ratio.

Our UV-LED printer

Our printer is a UV-LED printer which prints in the CMYK spectrum. It works in a similar way to an inkjet printer, which cures the ink with UV light simultaneously while printing. We can print in all colors mixed from blue (C), red (M), yellow (Y) and black (K). Even a simple white print is very effective in advertising. Thanks to the printer’s precise color delivery it is possible to create logos with fine details.




The way to an individual product is very simple

You send us your logo, preferably as a vectorized file or the desired individualization. We copy your wishes onto the pen and prepare a print proposal for you (as pdf.) We would also be pleased to provide you with a sample for your approval. If you like our proposal, you give us your approval and we start printing immediately. We would also be pleased to discuss your wishes within a personal consultation.

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